Help Find Latoya

If you would like to do the world a favour and see Latoya face court, please send any information you have on her whereabouts to this Email address or use the Contact Us button to the top left of the page.




I will post any updates here, so you can see what a tremendous help you have been in bringing this thief to justice.

She keeps a low profile so do not expect it to be easy to locate her. She moves frequently, so time is of the essence if you locate her. You should provide the information as quickly as you can if she is to be arrested.

The current bounty for information which leads to her arrest is posted on the front page.

So that you don’t feel like you’ve been robbed of your reward, please contact me with the type of information you have available, and I will confirm that it is useful, and that it is information which is currently unknown. Only then should you share the information.

Thank you.