Documentation on the Theft

I would like there to be no confusion about the vailidity of the accusations made against Latoya Rose Snowden. All of the information presented is factual, or direct quotes. Here are the court documents. She failed to appear at all of these hearings. The court has not been blessed with her presence even once. There is now a warrant for her arrest, due to failing to appear in court.






















Below is the original Email from her whereby she confirms her Westpac bank account details and the contents of the sale. She replied with her drivers license, which has an old address on it where she resided many years ago.








Here is the Letter of Demand which was “returned to sender”. Though it was Emailed and SMS’d to her as well.








Latoya was not very happy when her friends gave up her last known address. She had this to say on Facebook.








If you have any information as to the whereabouts of Latoya Rose Snowden, please contact me using the Contact Us button on the top left of the page. Please avoid all dealings with Latoya Rose Snowden.