Contacting Latoya

Latoya is notoriously hard to contact. I have found numerous Email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses for her. She doesn’t retain any one of these for long enough for it to be useful. None of the information below is considered to be current.

Phone numbers she has used lately include:


Latoya has used the following Email addresses, though niether would still be current.

Addresses she has stayed at lately include:

129 South Western Highway, Armadale, WA
6 Halse Crescent, Melville, WA

She is known to drink at the Brass Monkey. Other hangouts are unknown at this time.

Latoya’s Facebook pages include:

Latoya Rose Snowden on Facebook
Latoya Rose Snowden on Facebook
Latoya Rose Snowden on Facebook

Latoya is a member of the following Facebook Groups

WA Rentals Group
Rental Homes for Lease Perth
Armadale Buy Sell and Trade

The stolen funds were transferred into this bank account:

736-082 718519 Westpac Banking Corporation.

Niether Westpac or Commonwealth Bank have been helpful in recovering the stolen funds. A request to recover the stolen funds was rejected by Westpac. A very poor effort from both banks.

Her mother Sonia Deane-Spread who’s last known address is in Forrestfield Western Australia, and will soon be terrorising the people of Byford, is likely in on the scam. She seems to support Latoya’s position that she should not have to repay the stolen money. Her mother’s last known details are:
Sonia Deane-Spread on Facebook

I have contacted her mother on numerous occasions. She will not take my calls or respond to Emails now. Previous messages from her include:

“Too busy for this”

“Because I’m busy have people here your annoying”

“Grrrr your annoying lol”

“G’day stalker”

“You will have to answer to that and harassing me.. It’s now this to add to file…. I thought you were a phycotic idiot I was trying to calm you I was right”

“you now are a stalker”

Sonia is just as bad as Latoya. I called her shortly after she found my original Facebook posts about Latoya’s theft. She agreed to repay all of the stolen money. She then vanished and wouldn’t take further calls, or respond to Emails. This is very similar to Latoya’s behaviour. Latoya also promised to repay all of the stolen money and vanished, numerous times.

Sonia has worked for, or still works for:

HTN Apprentices
Fairy Tea Party
Aussie Kid Things

Sonia has a profile on Indeed.

Sonia Deane-Spread on Indeed

If you are a friend of Sonia Deane-Spread, perhaps you could point her towards this page. I need to speak with her about a theft involving her daughter. Sonia has been very difficult to get a hold of.