About Latoya Rose Snowden

Latoya Rose Snowden was born in April 1992, to mother Sonia Deane-Spread. Latoya has two young children to two different fathers. Latoya would like to be a model and actor and has a profile up at StarNow: Latoya Snowden on StarNow. I can verify that she is a solid actor. She is very good at pretending to be a good and honest person. Latoya maintains a facebook page, but you won’t find much there due to her privacy settings Latoya Rose Snowden on Facebook.

It has been alleged by those who know her that she is a drug addict, and lives with other drug addicts, this doesn’t stop her from being able to raise the children and keep them from their respective fathers.

“I heard latoya snowden now lives in melville. Her new housemate is… Both junkys”

“Can never trust a junky

“I just hate junkys especially when they have kids makes me sick”

“she hides where she lives even from close friends, cause she does the dodge on heaps of people so I’ve heard”

Latoya keeps good company. It is allegged that her boyfriend is currently serving time in prison. Latoya is allegedly known to the Western Australian Police.

“She is known by police, her boyfriend Damien Coles is in jail atm

Latoya is very hard to track down. She lives a nomadic lifestyle and is always on the run. She has moved multiple times since the theft. It is alleged that she stays with drug dealers and has to stay in hotels. I have tracked her down numerous times, only to have her move again before I can organise the Bailiff’s office to serve the arrest warrant.

“she has been living at dealers houses and in hotels til recently

It is very hard to obtain information on her whereabouts. It seems that she may surround herself with the wrong kinds of people, and that she might actually be violent. Persons who have come forward have not generally agreed to assist because of the perceived danger that they may be in.

“she would stab me

On numerous occasions I have hit brick walls when speaking to people who could potentially help, but have had to withdraw their offers of assistance due to the dangers involved. One one occasion, somebody genuinely perceived a threat to their entire family.

“I’m sorry….. would be put in a bad spot.”

Her mother, Sonia Deane-Spread, holds her in high regard. She believes that Latoya isn’t interested in getting a job, and claims she wants little to do with her. Sonia is the definition of parenting, and an excellent mother.

“Don’t think wants to work”

Can’t do Toya and her friends and her enemies

Please avoid dealings with Latoya Rose Snowden. Avoid financial dealings with her, her family and her associates.

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