A brief overview…

This page is dedicated to Latoya Rose Snowden “The Thief from Western Australia.” This page serves to warn others of the dangers of dealing with Latoya. It might leave your wallet a bit lighter. A Gumtree scam which she successfully pulled off has left me over three thousand dollars lighter. The original theft was $2750, and the legal fees have amounted to approximately $700. I am glad to have fed her methamphetamine habit, though I could have used the hard-earned cash instead.

Please take the time to read through the contents of this site before dealing with Latoya, hiring her, giving her money or purchasing anything from her. You will be scammed as I was. Please heed the warning given here and avoid her, her family and her associates. From an Email in May 2015:

“I will repay you the full $3000, and I will keep in contact. I will transfer as much as I can each week, keeping you updated till I have done so.”

To this day she has repaid $100 of the three thousand. She has changed her phone number numerous times (though she does not pick up anyway) and moved numerous times. She is highly evasive and does not want to face court. To this day she has skipped out on three court appearances. There is a current warrant for her arrest with the bailiff’s office in Western Australia.

If you have any information as to Latoya’s whereabouts, you can use the Contact Us box which is on the top left of the page. There is a bounty for information leading to her arrest. It is payable on her arrest only. The current bounty is:

  –  $250  –

The bounty may increase over time, but beware of holding out as others are providing information regularly. If you have information you should provide it in a timely fashion if you expect her to be arrested, thus earning you the bounty.